"Impact" Demo

by Franklin

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Recorded by Allen Klinger on 4-track in January of 1993


released January 20, 1993

Ralph Darden - Vocals, Guitar
Brian Sokel - Guitar, Vocals
Roy Binnion - Bass
Greg Giuliano - Drums



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Franklin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Formed in 1992, Franklin was a band from Philadelphia. They broke up in 2000.

For more details, visit: GoKidGo.org

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Track Name: Punch Petal
Irrational lust, subservient love
Just grip me if you must, the question of
do you want me cause I want what's not mine

I'll wear that smile, cry upside down
Maybe walk backwards for awhile
and if you ever wondered how it works on me
Just come and lick my lips or just let me be
Track Name: Lucy's Count
The point of being is still passing
We'll never catch so why even try I ask them
It seems like I spent my whole life
In a motion that seems to have passed me by

The point of being it still passes
We haven't caught up not after years of practice
It seems like I spend my whole life
In a motion that seems to pass me by
Track Name: Sunshine
Upon looking up I'd like to believe
all this looks different from above
Like to believe it appears unique
despite the clouds and the distance
Maybe the sun catches something
and makes it gleam all the way
Up where differences
make no difference at all

But if it did would everybody up there
be looking at me
Hanging on my every word
like a new gospel never ever heard
I guess I'll invest my hope
in something else someday
Don't wanna have to shake hands
with anybody else new today
Track Name: Dreams While Driving
I scratched my ring tips on a shrill brick wall
so when I touch his lips he feels the pain
like I when she walks I caught a sick chill
when I rest my head to lay in her lap the
pungent scent of peach it wafted in and
coated my lungs
Track Name: Bookmark
This demo recording is an instrumental. Lyrics would later be added when the song was re-recorded for the "Go Kid Go" LP.